Our Palette of Products for more profitable Media Management


MMS Media Investment Check

The Media-Investment-Check audits the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.  The return on Media Investment is analyzed in detail and the performance of your campaign is examined. This analysis process concentrates on what is the most relevant: Can Brand Awareness maintain consistent growth? Were the Goals to increase Sales realized?


MMS Performance Control Check

Media planning too often is orientated on pure costs and not on the best performance. MMS Performance Check demonstrates how your planning decisions need not be based on cost alone, bringing you more media for your Investment.

MMS Pitch Perfect

MMS believes a well organized Agency Pitch can offer the client the most transparent overview of which agency offers the best Ideas, the most attractive market costs and possess the latest technical skills. MMS manages your Pitch from invitation to contract, coordinating all levels of the process so your business day is not interrupted.

MMS Agency Motivator

Every agency contract ideally should be related to an incentive model. MMS formulates your agency commitments as an incentive, making sure that your branding goals are a meaningful part of their service commitment to your company. As a result, your agency stays motivated to the benefit of both your Brand and your Budget.

MMS Media Manager Central Europe

Dawn Schiller is the only independent expert with knowledge in Southeast and Central Europe. For clients who have regional responsibilities, MMS offers centralized Management Reporting providing standardized documentation for regional activities such as media planning reporting, agency activities or competitive spend reports.

Our Analysis offers:

  • an independent Perspective
  • transparent calculations
  • immediate, executable solutions

The Media-Investment-Check can identify precisely when your advertising campaign no longer reaches your consumers yet costs you more investment. Want to learn more how your campaign can become more cost-benefit efficient?

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